Friend Director 1.0 Affiliate Program

$15,000 in Cash and Prizes!

  • Launches May 21st, 2015
  • Currently available half off at $27
  • First Upsell Pro Version $47
  • Second Upsell Webinar $97
  • 50% Commissions Through JVzoo
  • $15,000 Affiliate Contest
  • Full Time U.S. Staff for Customer Service
  • New Strategies Work for Multiple Niches
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Custom Sales Pages for Popular Niches!

Once you are approved as an affiliate for Friend Director 1.0, you can use any of these sales page below by simply adding your JVzoo Affiliate ID at the end of the urls.

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Over $15,000 in Cash & Prizes!

We have a great JV contest where you can win big!

Speed Contest:


First to make 500 sales


First to make 1,000 sales

Top Leaderboard Bonuses:

1st Prize = $5,000

2nd Prize = $2,500

3rd Prize = $1,000

4th Prize = $500

5th Prize = $250

6th Prize = $100

7th Prize = $100

8th Prize = $100

9th Prize = $100

10th Prize = $50

** Note: Top Prizes require a min sales volume of 300 front end sales (top 3). 4th-6th 200 sales. 

The Best FB™ Friend Manager Online!

What if I told you, that you could easily make $ from your existing Facebook Friends, all with the push of a button. Well that’s not all - with Friend Director 1.0, you will be able to:

Well that’s not all - with Friend Director 1.0,
you will be able to:

  • Easily Organize and “get rid” of People that you don’t need in your Friend List
  • Filter Out People (in Seconds) by When You became Friends, Gender, Birth Dates and more
  • Save YOU HOURS of Time and FRUSTRATION all with a push of a BUTTON
  • Get RID or Organize Friends that have low to zero interaction or low engagement
  • Get RID of Friends with Disabled Accounts, No Profile Pic Accounts in Seconds
  • Friend Director Installs in Seconds
  • Much, Much, More...

Meet the Men Behind Friend Director

img_6279_NEWKenny Gregg is an entrepreneur and innovator – his leadership and creativity are aimed at helping people evolve their business through innovation. There is much to be conquered in the marketing world, and Kenny looks to achieve solutions for the purpose.

Kenny grew up in a middle-class family, which gave him an edge to being resourceful. While kids played in the playground, Greggs devised money making ways. By his teenage years, he was working for two network marketing companies. By profession, Kenny is an engineer and received many job opportunities in that field. However, the jobs and all other odd jobs he did were only to fuel his main goal: to be an entrepreneur.

Kenny entered into the marketing world 20+ year now and growing.  He brings a lot of expertise in using technology to grow ones business fast and efficiently in all aspects.  He has a unique way to use simple tools that will organize and make everyday tasks so simple to handle.

This journey he has been on has been a thrilling ride and now he also teaches people how to gain freedom, mentally and financially. He loves helping people just like he loves helping the marketing world with new innovative products and tools.

lowellWho’s Lowell Rempel? Lowell came from the corporate world (Coca-Cola) while building a chain of Retail stores in the Pool, Spa, Patio niche that recently sold for a decent exit.

Marketing is in his DNA.  His passion and experience was taken online in 2007. His team is now in a number of thriving verticals from lead generation, CPA domination, physical products to membership platforms and more. Lowell is a Published Author that is full of ideas and knowledge. He likes to creates the robust systems that operate on their own so you have time to do what you love instead of getting sucked into the Vortex.


Friend Director Works for Multiple Verticals!

Whether you have a list that is SEO, Video Marketing, Network Marketers, or Biz-Opp, or anything else, this product is universal enough to meet the needs of your audience!

Real Feedback From Friend Director Users!

Kenny’s Friend Director is a very useful tool. He asked me to Beta Test it before it was 100% ready. I got to say it sounded pretty simple but then once I started using it, I saw how powerful it really was. Totally is making me think differently about all the friends I have on FB and how I can use them to my advantage. Thanks Kenny!

- Todd Henry

Want to save a ridiculous amount of hours? Get Friend Director. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to manage a large amount of business friends. Friend Director just makes sense. Talk about easy. IT’s an IM’s dream.

- Alex Pasay

WOW... the ability to segment my FB friends list and figure out who my buyers are has never been easier. And I am completely blown away with the data and intel I now have to go out and create look-a-like audiences that I can advertise to on FB. If you want to find the BEST of your buying audience on FB and then quickly find more people who are practically clones of them then getting Friend Director should be a NO-Brainer.

- John Hughes

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Your Contact Point for Effective Promotions!

We are here to serve you and help make this your BEST promotion of the year, so below you will find contact details for our JV manager to help you with all your needs.

Kelley Gregg

Join a Launch with Massive Star Power!

These are just a few of the JV’s that have confirmed they will support the success of Friend Director. If you would like your picture added, just contact our jv manager!

Jon Gilardi

Cedrick Harris

Chris Record

Adam Holland

Promote Like A Champ and Here’s SEVERAL Reasons Why:

These bullet points are designed to give you some quick angles to help you promote effectively to your list or even just to spark up your own ideas.

  • With 100’s and even 1000’s of Friends, you could save a tremendous amount of time organizing/ REMOVING them with a CLICK of a Button (based on whatever parameter you choose)
  • You can ethically “spy” on your Friends by Quickly gathering whatever Data You Choose
  • Monetize Your Friends (+ the Look A Like Audiences) with Products & Info that they are interested in or looking for
  • Get RID of Friends with Disabled Accounts, No Profile Pic Accounts in Seconds
  • Simply Organize Your Friend List with the Parameters that YOU CHOOSE and then easily Retarget them or Better Yet Make Look A Like Audiences similar to the organized Friend List You Made and Easily Scale Your Products or Services
  • Easily Export all the Data Parameters that You Chose to a Spreadsheet
  • Want to Know Who’s Actually Engaging with You on Your Friend List? Want to Remove or Segment Ones who Don't?
  • Create Look A Like Audiences from Friends Who Are Engaging (liking, commenting, sharing) Your Posts
  • Save YOU HOURS of Time and FRUSTRATION all with a push of a BUTTON
  • Whether you are a Beginner or an Expert, Friend Director is VERY easy to use


If you choose to become an affiliate to promote Friend Director 1.0, you must adhere and respect the following rules, so that we create a win-win environment for everyone.

Please read carefully. By joining the FD 1.0 affiliate program and using your affiliate link you agree to follow these rules. If you are caught violating any of these rules, you will be disqualified from eligibility in any of our cash contests, and your commissions may be suspended during a review of your marketing practices.

1. You agree not to spam your affiliate link on Facebook™, in any Facebook™ groups, or anywhere else on the web. You agree to use professional marketing practices, and you will help to uphold the high integrity of the Friend Director brand name.

2. You agree to only email your link to people that you have permission to mail, and in the event that someone wants to be removed from your mailing list, you agree to instantly remove them and to apologize to them to help hold integrity with our offer.

3. No fraudulent purchases will be allowed. You may not purchase from yourself using your own link, and only non-refunded sales will count towards your contest rankings.

4. If you plan to use the trademarked name, Friend Director, in any of your marketing efforts, you must first get our permission by emailing us and describing your specific use of our trademarked name in detail:

5. You may not make any misleading claims or represent any earnings potential that customers will expect from this course, without properly citing proof of those earnings. It’s a best practice to always include the phrase “results may vary”, and it’s also best practice to let customers know that while some members make significant income as a result of this course, there are also other members who make little to no income.

6. Please make sure you double check your affiliate links and information is correct when signing up. You are responsible for using the correct affiliate URL.

7. The use of exit scripts or pop-ups which redirect to your affiliate URL are not allowed.

8. You may NOT use cookie-stuffing of any kind. This instantly throws up a red flag in our tracking stats, showing that you have massive clicks but no sales, which hurts the numbers for every other affiliate. Please be sure to only send legitimate visitors to the offer page and if your visitor count is too high without any sales, you may run the risk of having your affiliate link for this offer suspended.

9. All contest payouts will happen when total sales are tallied up after the refund period, which is a 30-day period. The sales contests are all based on non-refunded sales.

10. You MAY create your own bonus offers to compliment the sale of Friend Director 1.0, but please exercise caution to ensure that customers are fully aware of the product they are purchasing through us, and to make sure that your bonus does not mislead them in any way whatsoever. It’s also best practice to make sure that you do not make any effort to “steal” customers away from other affiliates by encouraging them not to buy from them, but to buy from you instead. If we see this practice happening from you, we may exercise the right to suspend your affiliate account.

11. YouTube video and Blog Post reviews WILL be allowed from this affiliate promotion, but please send a link to the review to